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2012 – City of Prince George

To help identify and plan for the impacts of climate change, the City of Prince George worked on a planning process in partnership with University of Northern BC (UNBC), the Fraser Basin Council and many others. The City incorporated adaptation into the myPG sustainability plan and the Official Community Plan.

This video series offers an overview of the work and some of the key focus areas: forests, ecosystems, transportation and flood:

For related resources, see also Adapting to Climate Change in Prince George and a Fraser Basin Council case study.

2015 - Fraser Basin Council

This is a webinar hosted by the Fraser Basin Council and B.C. Ministry of Transportation to explore issues relating to the protection of transportation infrastructure from the effects of climate change. The specific focus is on future warming and precipitation trends and the expected impacts on British Columbia's highway infrastructure. The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure recently conducted climate change risk assessments for a number of BC’s major highways: Coquihalla, Yellowhead, Bella Coola, Stewart and Pine Pass. In the webinar, Chief Engineer Dirk Nyland offers an overview of the risk assessments and case examples. While focused on provincial highways, the overview and examples offer information useful for municipalities.

This webinar is part of the BC Regional Adaptation Collaborative (BC RAC) webinar series. 

2018 - Fraser Basin Council

The Federal Government recently introduced a Climate Lens for those seeking funding for new major public infrastructure projects. In this webinar, François Levesque of Infrastructure Canada and Dirk Nyland of the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will delve into the Climate Change Resilience Assessment component of the Climate Lens. François and Dirk will take you from a high-level and contextual look at the Resilience Assessment to on-the-ground examples of BC projects that have used the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's climate assessment and resilience measures to demonstrate how the assessment could be interpreted or applied for small-scale projects.

2016 - Transport Canada and Natural Resources Canada

The report, Climate Risks & Adaptation Practices for the Canadian Transportation Sector 2016presents the current state of knowledge about climate risks to the Canadian transportation sector, and identifies existing or potential adaptation practices. The report includes six regional chapters and one urban chapter which reflect the different climate change impacts, vulnerabilities and opportunities across Canada. Adaptation approaches are discussed and case studies highlight adaptation actions and practices. A synthesis chapter brings together the report’s key findings.

Co-led by Transport Canada and Natural Resources Canada, the development of this report synthesized over 700 publications and involved 42 lead and contributing authors, and over 228 expert reviewers.

2017 - Fraser Basin Council

For many Canadian communities, winter weather is a matter of high concern as considerable resources are devoted to snow and ice control. There have been concerns that climate change and variability could have a negative impact on snow and ice control planning and expenditures. In response to these concerns, a research project was conducted to assess the current practices and vulnerabilities, as well as provide projections of future impacts and vulnerabilities for winter road maintenance in the City of Prince George, BC. Lindsay Matthews, a researcher from the University of Waterloo, speaks about this study. 

This webinar is part of the BC Regional Adaptation Collaborative (BC RAC) webinar series. 

About ReTooling for Climate Change

The ReTooling for Climate Change website is a project of the Fraser Basin Council to support local governments and First Nations in BC in preparing for climate change adaptation. The site is funded through the BC Regional Adaptation Collaborative (BC RAC), a partnership program of the Fraser Basin Council and the BC Ministry of Environment – Climate Action Secretariat, with funding from Natural Resources Canada and other in-kind contributions.

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